Sponsor the Women’s Unconference

Get your brand in front of your target audience at the Women’s Unconference by becoming a sponsor. We welcome fiscal sponsorship and in-kind donations of sustainable products, services, and gift certificates. Sign up early (two weeks before the event) for discounted sponsorship rates and pre-event exposure to our lists! 

Why Become a Sponsor? 

Not only does sponsoring the event get you in front of our intelligent, engaged attendees at the time of the event, we offer excellent advertorial exposure on our media network, giving you the opportunity to improve search traffic to your website!


Presentations at the Event

An all-eyes-on-you time to promote your awesome company and tell your story.

Platinum sponsors get a speaking slot during the event!

These 2 minute slots are an opportunity to let our attendees get to know the people behind the brand, discuss your products and offerings, and field questions directly from the audience. Brand loyalty runs high in the womens’ movement, so show the Women’s Unconference attendees that you’re aligned with them in helping make the world a better place.



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Tables can be staffed by your team or just offer items for review.

Set up a table at the Unconference with company literature, demonstrations, samples and your team to talk to our attendees directly. If you’re not able to make it, and prefer to have an unstaffed table, we are happy to work with you to ensure that our attendees have easy access to your presentation items, which can include literature, samples, books, or other promotional items.


Promotion on our Websites

Here are some examples of articles that we published for our past event sponsors:


Day-Of Promotion

We promote your company on all our literature, including the day’s program, and also mention you several times throughout the day in front of the whole audience. Here’s the program we used for our Sustainability Unconference event with sponsors listed throughout. The Women’s Unconference program will look strikingly like this one. 🙂

Questions? Ready to sign up? Send us an email and we’ll get right back to you.